Social Leadership: crossing boundaries

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Our lives today weave between formal and social spaces, no longer defined by the four walls of the office or a clear distinction between technologies and communities. Social Leadership is a style and approach intended to provide a structure and skill set to thrive in this environment. It’s about understanding the new realities of the Social Age, where social collaborative technologies and an evolved nature of work combine to reduce the effectiveness of older, hierarchical approaches and mitigate in favour of socially moderated authority: authority founded upon reputation and consensually granted by the community.

Social Leadership in formal and informal spaces Social Leadership is a style suited to the Social Age: it’s about building reputation that leads into authority

Within formal spaces, authority is hierarchical, often embedded in team and management structures and through official channels. Social authority communicates through social channels and communities and is socially moderated: granted and removed contextually. It’s reputation…

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I’m My Own Worst Enemy When It Comes to Distractions


by Johanna Lubahn


I have a big proposal to write in a short time. It’s an involved proposal and doesn’t follow our standard template. It requires notes from several discussions and several people on our team. I am not a big fan of writing in the first place so this task is a little daunting for me. To meet the deadline, I have blocked out my calendar, set my alarm early every day and cancelled any evening plans. It’s all or nothing right now, and I need all the time I can get. To make it a little more challenging, one of the team is halfway around the world, so talking and getting a plan in place is difficult; thank goodness for email.

But even with all the preparation—the notes, the calls, the emails, the blocked-out calendar time—I find that I still have a distraction: myself. My phone…

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Five Elements For Your Front Page

The Blog

Whether you’re building a website or online portfolio, or a blog with your latest posts displayed front and center, you want your site’s front page to look great, but also provide information your readers want and need. Here are five elements, from beginner’s tweaks to bigger ideas, to consider as you create your online home:

1. Your blog name, loud and clear

You want your visitors to know exactly what your site is about the moment they land on your homepage. One of your first tasks when creating your blog is to set your site title and tagline. Note that site titles display differently across our 250+ themes.

We love the way recently launched Hemingway Unwritten displays a blog name and tagline in a sleek parallax-scrolling header:

The header of A Patchwork Life, using the Hemingway Unwritten theme.

You can also create a custom header image, which you…

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Craft of Writing: Let the Reader’s Imagination Do the Heavy Lifting

The Daily Post

This is the kind of flowery I can get behind. (Flowery Piano by Andreas (CC BY-SA 2.0) This is the kind of flowery we can get behind. Flowery Piano by Andreas(CC BY-SA 2.0)

In storytelling, description and detail translate what’s in your imagination into scenes and images in the reader’s mind. Can bloated description detract from your work, fill your reader’s brain with too much information, and distract them from the story? The answer is yes. In today’s post we’ll look at how to know when enough is enough.

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